Horse Drawn White Hearse

Elegant and grand, our white hearse is the perfect way for your loved one to make their final journey. The beautiful hearse drawn by our Palomino horse Gem, is an impressive sight and people pause as it passes to bow their heads in a gesture of respect.

‘Horse Drawn Perfection’

This is the philosophy we have always worked to and we are very proud of the quality of all our horses and vehicles. The memory of losing a loved one stays with you, and every detail is important. We recognise this and strive to provide a perfect service and immaculate presentation for their last journey. You can also be confident that we are experienced, professional and fully insured.

Hearse promo cross

The hearse has been designed and coach built specifically for our requirements and is completely unique, being the only one of its kind in the UK. Pristine and of the highest quality, it is beautifully ornate and tasteful. The gold theme is carried throughout and features on the internal drapes, the carriage lamps and in subtle coach lines. Gem completes the turnout wearing her black leather harness with brass embellishments, an ostrich feather plume of your chosen colour and white drapes with gold detailing. Your driver will be dressed in black coachmans livery and your footman will be in full morning attire.